Archive | April, 2013

Beer bread…minus the beer

Baking your own bread is all the rage at the mo. This is more than just a fad though and the results though are worth it. I gave it a go about 12 months ago and since then we’ve eaten mainly home made bread. As well as tasting amazing it makes the best toast. This […]

Nails & Ales

This week has consisted of two brilliant finds. Some great beers (courtesy of Stirchley Wines) Beer Nail Art This got me thinking, what if I could combine the two? A great selection of beer at Stirchley Wines and pretty nails. Well I can and it’s already been done brilliantly by one clever New York lady, NailsandAles. Simple concept – buy a […]

Beer Shopping

I accompanied my cider loving fellow blogger to the bottled beer heaven that is Stirchley Wines and picked up a couple of bottles. How do you choose when you’re faced with wall to wall bottles? I wanted to try an American ale so opted for a bottle of Brooklyn Brewery East India Pale Ale I’ve had […]

Kicking off my cider tasting, with not so much style

So how do you kick off a food and drink loving blog… well a trip to the off-license of course, with the City Suppers crew! And this isn’t any old off-license, its Stirchley Wines. No idea why it’s got ‘wine’ in the title as its selection of wine isn’t anything special at all but when […]

Our Manifesto

So what’s the reason for our blog? We don’t want to be just another food and drink blog. However, we’re passionate about truly great food and drink. And we want to share that passion with like-minded souls. We want to explore great ciders, beers, bars and restaurants and to spread the word. It’s about sharing […]