Nails & Ales

This week has consisted of two brilliant finds.
  1. Some great beers (courtesy of Stirchley Wines)
  2. Beer Nail Art
This got me thinking, what if I could combine the two? A great selection of beer at Stirchley Wines and pretty nails. Well I can and it’s already been done brilliantly by one clever New York lady, NailsandAles. Simple concept – buy a bottle of ale and paint your nails to match.
There’s been a lot written about how to get women into ale – call it a stupid name ‘Anime’, put fruit in it and drink it from a third of a pint glass.
Bland marketing committee lead approaches to cracking the ‘female audience’ are clearly not going to work. I don’t need patronising. I don’t need to go to a female beer club. I don’t need a ‘girly’ beer glass. But I would like to paint my nails so they match the awesome packaging on many premium bottled beers. And lets face it nicely painted nails look great when holding a pint.
Big up to @nailsandales who doesn’t have to justify being a female drinker, she gets on with it and has some fun. And just look at this, she’s based in New York but has tracked down my favourite of all beers Thornbridge Jaipur.
Thornbridge Jaipur expressed through the medium of nail art

Thornbridge Jaipur expressed through the medium of nail art


How to make a brilliant beer even better

Does this make me a ‘female beer geek’?


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2 Comments on “Nails & Ales”

  1. April 13, 2013 at 4:03 pm #

    Bloody love the look of these nails (though I don’t go in for nail art myself), love Jaipur too, so what a superb combination 🙂


  1. Don’t be a lager snob… it can be alright! | citysuppers - May 9, 2013

    […] was light, fizzy, sweet and aromatic – like a lighter version of Thornbridge Juipur, which if I’ve not mentioned if my favourite ale of all time. One of my companions commented […]

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