Spanish cider in the sun

After my first experimentation outside of my usual cider choice hadn’t gone so well, I was hesitant to try the others I’d picked up on my first trip to Stirchley Wines. But the sun has finally decided to put its hat on which only means one thing, its cider time!

So last Tuesday afternoon as the rays beat down I took a seat outside, sat back and opened Spanish cider El Gaitero hoping that it would help me forget about the cold wind and transport me to the Mediteranian.
Bingo! It did just that.

From the minute I opened it I knew I was onto a winner. Lots of fizz followed by a lovely fresh smell of apples, not the oaky farmyard aroma I described before. Reading on the bottle that it’s made with 100% freshly pressed apples I could see why this is.

El Gaitero Spanish cider

El Gaitero Spanish cider – the perfect summer cider

Pouring it into a glass was a pleasure as all the bubbles bounced around getting my taste buds going – a great feature captured in The Cider Drinker’s video review below about 5 mins 30 secs into it.

My taste buds demanded more and more as I sipped through the Spanish cider in what could only have been 15 mins, ooops.

Light in colour, it was also light in taste making it one of the most refreshing ciders I think I have ever had – very similar to a perry. I don’t often come across both of those features in a cider, but it was a perfect accompaniment to a break in the sun. I could have drunk it all day and if I hadn’t been at work I think I would have made a speedy trip back to Stirchely Wines to stock up on more – something I will definitely be doing to prepare for the next sunny spell.

Or actually, who needs sun. I could totally imagine myself embracing the Spanish culture of siesta’s every day to enjoy one of these.

This cider really embodies its roots and I can see why it’s dubbed Spain’s most popular cider. So if you’re looking for an alternative cider this summer that you can sip away at all afternoon, I would highly recommend El Gaitero.


Also, available online at Ocado currently priced at £1.45.

If you’re into your cider history there is a lot of heritage that surrounds the company and the region in which El Gaitero produce. Read more HERE and also check out The Cider: From the Tree section, which is a lovely infographic of their considered and natural approach to cider making.


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