Supporting micro and craft breweries

As beer fans there’s no shortage of great ales, porters and stouts to sample and enjoy. Our recent discovery of  the beer treasure-trove that is Stirchley Wines has also opened our eyes to the sheer range of fantastic British beer. This has its downsides though as a visit to the supermarket beer aisles are disappointing in comparison.

Our latest finds are from London and Cornwall. First up though was a bottle of Amber Ale from the Harbour Brewing Company. I stumbled across them last year and loved their branding and the look of the beers. As soon as I saw the amber in Stirchley it was in the basket.

Harbour Brewing Company's Amber Ale

A bottle of amber ale from Cornwall’s Harbour Brewing Company.

This had the scent of toffee and caramel and smelt very enticing. It tasted equally good too with a bittersweet taste and a lovely malty aftertaste. It was very drinkable and didn’t disappoint. A second bottle a few days later was equally tasty. Top work Harbour.

Representing the capital was a pale ale from Partizan Brewing. The whole range was on offer in the shop and the label designs are brilliant, fun and quirky.

A bottle of Partizan Brewing's ale.

A bottle of Partizan Brewing’s ale.

This was a different beast altogether. It smelt of tropcial fruits and grapefruit. The taste was lovely, fruity but also slightly dry. Another lovely beer which reminded me a little of Thornbridge’s Kipling.

Both these beers as well as the others we’ve tasted like Kernal Brewery’s IPA are worthy of our attention. The skill, love of their craft and individuality of beers like these make a refreshing change to the price-discounted, bland rubbish stocked by the supermarkets. You’ll rarely find any of these on 3 for £5 but it shouldn’t matter because the quality is there in abundance. And that’s the reason we should support our craft brewers. Not because they are small brewers. Not because they’re local. It’s for one reason, and one alone. They make bloody great beer. Beer that you want to sit down to after a long week at work. For us, a detour to a decent offie is worth it. Go on do it. Your tastebuds will love you for it.


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