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Beer brands, marketing & the regulator: has the ASA got it wrong with BrewDog?

BrewDog is no stranger to controversy. The Scottish brewer’s brand is built on a rebellious, anti-authority streak. They’ve often gone out of their way to infuriate the industry’s own self-regulatory body, the Portman Group over the iconic packaging, high strength beers and the limited edition packaged in stuffed animals. The result is a legion of […]

Big brand ciders battle it out in the taste stakes

Carlsberg Somersby v Carling’s British Cider. It wasn’t surprising that this summer we’d have two new cider’s launching into the market from the biggest brewers. With the cider category in growth (47% since 2011 to be exact) it’s understandable that they want a bite of the apple (no pun intended!) Whether this is good or […]

Craft beer and social media – a lesson from the artisan brewers

According to Mintel statistics from America craft beer appeals to 49% of millennials and 40% of genXers. With this shift in the demographic of craft ale drinker’s inclusive social media marketing has never been more important. A recent campaign by Scottish brewers BrewDog caused quite a stir on social media. The mischievous brand sought to […]