Birmingham Beer Bash – the rise of craft ale in the UK

Despite only having two craft breweries in Birmingham the city is home to many vocal ale fans. These fans are so passionate about the rise in craft beer they felt it necessary to create something new to showcase the many great beers from across the country and bring together a new era of ale drinkers. And so Birmingham Beer Bash was born.


Our guide to the best beers available at Beer Bash

Brainchild of a group of beer lovers who connected over social media, they were tired of having the same old conversation about the lack of craft ale available in the second city. So rather than procrastinating they got off their ar**s and created something great for us to enjoy.

We spoke with one such Beer Basher, Daniel Brown, here’s what he had to say; “We kept asking ourselves, why are we always the last ones to enjoy these hot new beers which are popping up across the UK?  Eventually we sort of said to each other, well if no else is prepared to address this situation, we’ll have to do it.  Can we do it? Yes. Let’s do it. Let’s learn how to put on a national level progressive beer event.”

Liverpool and Manchester are both cities that have shaken off the old fashioned perception of beer in the UK and as a resident of Birmingham I’m over joyed that some of my favourite and future favourite ales were all bought together in one place.

The event was housed in the trendy area of Birmingham, The Bond Digbeth, home to a plethora of digital agencies, vintage shops and tattoo parlours. The bond is a former canal warehouse which has now been converted into offices and event space.  It could be compared to the like of Shoreditch in London only friendlier and less pretentious, after all we are down to earth Brummies.

In the true spirit of craft the event united independent businesses with food from Pop up Dosa, beautiful bread from the guys at Loaf and some indies from the fine dining scene Simpsons and Carters of Moseley. We didn’t get to sample the beer and fine food matching with Purity ales but we can imagine just how good it was.


Delicious South Indian streetfood from the talented guys at Pop Up Dosa

Like many people across the UK I want to discover new experiences, tastes and products and am pleased there is a real appetite at the moment for all things authentic, tasty, local. I’m bored of the mass producing big corporates telling us it’s ‘reassuringly expensive’ or some such other marketing strap-line. Great beer speaks for itself.

Let’s not let this be a one off. Birmingham Cubed has proved there is the passion and appetite in the city for this type of event. Just look at the number of Tweets and blogs about it. Let’s bring Birmingham together one beer at a time, make mine a Thornbridge.


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2 Comments on “Birmingham Beer Bash – the rise of craft ale in the UK”

  1. August 1, 2013 at 1:03 pm #

    Nice round up of a bloody brilliant weekend. Cheers for the links too guys

    • August 2, 2013 at 11:40 am #

      Great event wasn’t it. Liked your blog too, always happy to share brilliant beer blogs!

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