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Is the launch of ciders from the big beer brands good or bad for drinkers?

Walking into a supermarket and you’d be forgiven for thinking that cider is the nation’s new favourite beverage. The aisles are packed with apple, pear and other fruit variants. For many Strongbow, Magners and Bulmers are the main names they’d associate with cider. More surprising is the arrival of ciders from the big lager producers: […]

Spanish cider in the sun

After my first experimentation outside of my usual cider choice hadn’t gone so well, I was hesitant to try the others I’d picked up on my first trip to Stirchley Wines. But the sun has finally decided to put its hat on which only means one thing, its cider time! So last Tuesday afternoon as the rays […]

Kicking off my cider tasting, with not so much style

So how do you kick off a food and drink loving blog… well a trip to the off-license of course, with the City Suppers crew! And this isn’t any old off-license, its Stirchley Wines. No idea why it’s got ‘wine’ in the title as its selection of wine isn’t anything special at all but when […]