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Want to own your own brewery? Is crowdfunding good for the British brewing industry?

This rise in popularity of craft ale has brought with it a desire and passion for many to start brewing their own ales. This isn’t like the homebrews of the 80’s, rancid strong liquid only fit for stripping wallpaper. These guys are cooking up some seriously sophisticated, flavoursome beers. And now with social networks and […]

Birmingham Beer Bash – craft ale comes to the Midlands

We’ve already posted a blog on the Birmingham Beer Bash but it was so good one post just doesn’t cover it. And let’s face it we couldn’t blog about a beer festival without talking about the beers we sampled. So Birmingham Beer Bash blog part two will be all about the beers. The format of […]

Don’t be a lager snob… it can be alright!

Since starting my journey into the world of ale I’ve found myself becoming a bit of a snob when it comes to lager. For my sins I used to be a Stella drinker until  the talented guys at Purity Brewing  tickled my fancy with their Mad Goose. I now feel confident, and ever so slightly proud […]

The dirtiest beer on earth Cantillon Gueze

The dirtiest beer on earth Cantillon Gueze A visit to the Craven Arms is always full of surprises – not just due to the ever changing ales but also some characters we’ve met since the re-launch earlier this year. On this particular Friday night we were met by the ever enthusiastic landlord who was keen to draw our […]

Nails & Ales

This week has consisted of two brilliant finds. Some great beers (courtesy of Stirchley Wines) Beer Nail Art This got me thinking, what if I could combine the two? A great selection of beer at Stirchley Wines and pretty nails. Well I can and it’s already been done brilliantly by one clever New York lady, NailsandAles. Simple concept – buy a […]

Beer Shopping

I accompanied my cider loving fellow blogger to the bottled beer heaven that is Stirchley Wines and picked up a couple of bottles. How do you choose when you’re faced with wall to wall bottles? I wanted to try an American ale so opted for a bottle of Brooklyn Brewery East India Pale Ale I’ve had […]